Interesting Facts About LeoVegas Casino


Interesting Facts About LeoVegas Casino

As we all know that, in the world of casinos and gambling, Leovegas is one of the best sites. Leovegas provides the best entertainment to its users. Although, you invest your money and then you might lose it or win it. Apart from gambling and various games, Leovegas is famous due to some exciting news. As a member of Leovegas, you should know this fact.

About Leovegas:

Leovegas is known for its good customer service and provides a huge amount of bonus offers. However, some resources spread the rumor that Leovegas is a big scam. After this, Leovegas has continuously tried to prove that it is a legal site and they are not scamming a single user. And, the fact proved later on. 


Moreover, to keep secure and protect the user’s personal and financial information, Leovegas uses one of the best 2048-bit SSL encryption technology. Every time they take care of the matter that your money is safe which you have invested without any risk.

The important fact is the Leovegas casino holds the licenses in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and Malta. The license companies in these countries are known for their strict regulations to hold licenses.

Facts about Leovegas:

One more shocking Leovegas fact is that the most trusted online casino operator Leovegas has made a big and very costly mistake. This happened after they have launched the Online Casino platform in India and they lose millions of rupees due to free spins and cash prizes. And the bad luck, it was continued up to the next customer agreement effective from March 10, 2020.  

Leovegas has published a new promotional campaign to attract many users. For that, they are supposed to provide Rs. 3000 of extra credits to all new customers to those who have deposited at least Rs. 800 in their Leovegas account.  Unfortunately, due to the wording mistake in agreement, they were supposed to give Rs.30000 to each new customer.

So, after getting these huge credits, all customers play with free credits and win jackpots that should be paid by LeoVegas. In this way, Leovegas lost a huge amount of money because of their silly mistake.

And the surprising fact is, due to this mistake, thousands of people win a lot of money. Among them, one 26-year-old man, from Chennai, won Rs. 27,30,000 from the jackpot of Leovegas casino.

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